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Panda Investing company was established in 2010, as a result of a joint collaboration between a team of technical analysts, financial markets researchers and founders of forex and metal brokerage firms.

Having recognized the huge percentage of traders who lost most of their invested capital in the highly profitable but at the same time very risky market of forex trading, as a result of them lacking proper experience and knowledge.We have decided to share our expertise to fulfill the needs of the investors in this huge market, and to be a strong supporters of our clients whether they were individual investors or financial institutions.

Panda Investing Managed Accounts opened with regulated brokers only. We trade on your behalf, saving you the effort of constantly watching your laptop screen and wasting your precious time, we make you the profits you were always looking for .

Accounts are managed within a tight risk management plan, and a work strategy that suites the feasibility studies of both the financial institutions and individual investors.

Our goal is simple and clear, and that is to achieve sustainable profitability with limited risks.

Our team :

Panda Investing  representatives, are always available to help and guide the investor in choosing the investment plan that best suite his needs .

Risk Management experts, they make sure that the current trading volume suites the managed accounts size .

Fundamental and technical analysts, are one of the best in the field, they analyze the market and predict next price movement.

strategic experts, they build work plans that comply with risk management and market analysis .

Executive Directors, they work in the biggest forex brokers, skillful in dealing with trading platforms and they ensure the actual execution of orders .


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