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One of the important features of the forex market is that it works 24/7, 5 days a week Monday through Friday, some might think that forex trading is like gambling based on luck , but the thing is that forex trading  depends on fundamental and technical analysis of the price of a certain currency pair or commodity and not on luck .

Account Management Service is for those who are wanting to invest in the forex market but do not have enough time , experience or knowledge to trade by themselves, and so they can let the professional experts do all the hard work for them .

The account manager has a very good experience and knowledge about forex trading, and he will spot profitable trading opportunities throughout the week, and execute trading orders on behalf of the investor.

Some investors might not have enough time to set in front of their laptop screen and analyze the market because they have much more important things to do, using our account management service those investors can just set back and relax and leave all of the hard work for the professional account manager .

Those account managers have proven track record, low Drawdowns, stable equity curves, solid risk management, consistent reasonable profits and are verified by an excellent broker which also works as a mediator in the agreement between the investor and the account manager, as to guarantee the rights of both parties.

The account manager takes a certain percent of the profits as a commission for his hard work, this percent is agreed upon by both the investor and the account manager, and the agreement also includes the level of risk, set by the investor, that the account manager is allowed to take.

We provide 3 types of Managed Account :

Low Risk

In this type , the maximum Drawdown per month is 15% , and the expected profits ranges between 10-20% per month .

Medium Risk

The maximum Drawdown allowed per month in this type of managed accounts is 30%, and the expected profits ranges between 20-30%.

High Risk

The maximum allowed Drawdown in this type of investment is 80% of the total capital , and the expected profits start from 70% per month .


Although there might be a high level of risk involved with trading forex , but with proper money management, good experience, meticulous analysis of price movement and having a clear vision of the goal you want to achieve the risk could decline to its minimum .

One of the fascinating features about the forex market is its high liquidity of up to 5 trillion us dollars   ( that is 5,000,000,000,000 $) on daily basis , that in addition to the fact that the forex market is open 24/7  and so there`s a huge potential for making lots of money, and forex trading is not only about trading currencies but you can also trade stocks, like those of Apple , Google …etc , commodities and metals .

At Panda Investing  customer`s satisfaction is our first priority, we are always trying to provide our clients with the best possible services in the accounts management field.


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