Safety Of Funds

Panda Investing recognizes the importance of your privacy and the protection of your personal information, we consider the security of customer`s funds and information to be the bedrock of our values and no effort is spared in maintaining the security of customer funds and the integrity of our company .

All of ‘Panda Investing ‘ transactions our done through a trusted brokers, with which the client has opened his account. The account is opened in the client`s name, We have no access at all to your money, so we can’t touch it, We can only trade on your account.

Only the client can deposit or withdraw funds from his account, using his own bank account or credit card OR any payment method agreed by the Broker.

All  of the brokers that deal with ‘Panda investing’, are trusted and regulated, and you have to remember that we are always committed to your profitability , because when you win , we win as well .

Fiscal Discipline

Accounts managed by ‘Panda Investing‘ and all the transactions associated with these accounts, can only be done by the account holder ,via his personal account with the broker .

The amount you have to pay as commission will be a small fraction of your profit paid directly to ‘Panda investing’, not through the broker .

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Privacy and Security

All of the personal information collected by ‘Panda Investing‘ are transferred via SSL encryption, to prevent unauthorized access to the information.

HTTPS protocol is applied through the entire process of collecting and transferring the data.

All of the transactions are processed through PCI 1.


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